About us

Growshop DOOEL is established in 2006. Our company distributes everything needed by professional and amateur growers for both indoor and outdoor growing. Our goal is to be trusted partners among growers and merchants. We aim to offer the newest and highest quality of technology in lighting, ventilation, measuring equipment, soil, plant protection products, substrates, fertilizers, hydroponic and aeroponic systems, growboxes, pots, seeds, reservoirs, irrigation systems and various accessories to assist the gardeners. We distribute many of the leading brands on the world market, including our partners Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV, G Systems Engineering, GIB Lighting, HOMEbox, ATAMI, HESI, CANNA, Bloom Advanced Floriculture, Advanced Nutrients, ADWA Instruments, growTOOL, PrimaKlima, Gold Label, Simply Organics, Eazy Plug, etc.



What CFL bulbs do you use?